Wednesday, September 30, 2009

John Allen Muhammad Execution Still Scheduled

John Allen Muhammad, "the D.C. Sniper", is scheduled to be executed November 10th 2009 for the October 2002 killing spree that left 10 dead in Virginia and Maryland.

"A federal court has rejected Muhammad's arguments thatprosecutors withheld critical evidence and that he should not havebeen allowed to act as his own attorney for part of his trial dueto mental illness."

Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Bush Administration Continues...

Post 9/11 the American government ramped up efforts to prevent another terrorist attack. The Department of Homeland Security and the Bush Administration took drastic measures and passed 'the Patriot Act' which gave the federal government a great deal of power that it had not had before. Most notably, warrant less wiretaps, evading the fourth amendment.
In 2003 Barack Obama stood strongly against the Patriot Act and other Bush initiatives, wishing to repeal such legislation. Now it seems that Barack Obama has gone back on his promise to end the Patriot Act. Instead, he has renewed it.
The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan tear on. We're only left to ask, what other promises will Obama go back on? Day in and day our government gains more and more control over every aspect of our life. This is not just an Obama thing, the Republicans have made strong advances to boost the power of the government despite their "small government" beliefs. Did you really vote for change or, is just more of the same?

To make matters worse, President Obama's cronies and constituents in the group ACORN (the Association of Community Organizers for Reform Now) have found themselves in quite a bit of trouble thanks to two investigative journalists. Take a look... Most people seem to believe that Barack Obama has little to no connection with ACORN. Very untrue...
It shouldn't be hard for you to decide now. CNN won't tell you all of this.
In case you're not completely satisfied, here's some more proof to aid in your decision making.